Vendor Space for Sci-Con is available for purchase online only! 

$400/Booth Space

The Booth Space includes a 10 ft. x 10 ft. draped area, one chair, one 8 ft. table and 2 vendor wristbands.  This area of the show is reserved for toy and other vendors.

$100/Artist Alley Table

The Artist Alley Table space includes one 8 ft. table, one chair and 2 vendor wristbands. This area of the show is reserved for vendors displaying and selling art only. Toy and other vendors may not set up in this area. 

$150/Electric Hook-up Option

The electric hook-up is available in the Booth Space and the Artist Alley Table area. If purchased, electric will be available during load in and both days of show. The electric hook-up is in addition to the purchase of Booth Space and/or Artist Alley Table space. 


Vendors, after purchasing your Booth Space/Artist Alley Table, please fill out the CTS Promotions Sci-Con Vendor Contract before load-in for the show.


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LOAD IN is Friday, June 19, 2020 from 1pm to 9pm.

Vendors: Please do not expect to set up early! We suggest that vendors bring a dolly or cart. 


Rules and Regulations for Setup and the Show

KEEP VENDOR WRISTBANDS VISIBLE: All vendors need to check in with registration to receive wristbands (2 vendor wristbands will be issued for each booth/table).

DO NOT MOVE TABLES or BOOTHS WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM CTS PROMOTIONS: Exact aisle space has been measured and approved by the Fire Marshall


RESPECT THE SPACE OF VENDORS BESIDE AND BEHIND YOU. Please be mindful of shelving, grid walls, or other displays you might use.


PARKING: PLEASE PARK AWAY FROM THE BUILDING: Leave the close parking spaces for our buyers.